Monday, December 17, 2012

Boo: The World's Cutest Dog

Last month, my mom and I were browsing when I saw the cutest thing ever; Boo! Well, it was actually the plush version, but it was so cute that it made me buy it right on the spot! Not being a Facebooker, I had no idea what Boo was, so I looked him up and found this video (I know, I know: as usual I'm a little slow on the uptake). OMG, this dog is way too cute to be real! At first, I honesty thought he was fake because no dog should look like a stuffed animal, but I saw him moving on the video, so I thought he must be real. When my Boo arrived from Amazon, I almost hit the floor; the plush one looks exactly like the real one!! I stood him up on the floor and my mom came in actually thought he was a real dog! This is great because I was actually thinking of getting some kind of cute lap dog, but didn't want to go through the trouble of taking care of one (ok I admit it; I'm not a very responsible adult). Now, with my Boo, I can have the best of both worlds; the super, cute and cuddle small dog perfect for an apartment, but without all the pooping and having to take him out everyday!