Thursday, September 25, 2014

Chattime Shushi Bar and Restaurant

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten y'all! I've been frequenting others' blogs while I getting my blogging senses back after my nearly three month hiatus.

Earlier this summer, I had lunch with an acquaintance at Chattime, which is a Japanese noodle restaurant and sushi bar on Penn's campus. The cool thing about this restaurant (other than the neon laden club look of the interior) is that the noodles are made right there at the sushi bar area.

I ordered the Kitchen Lunch Bento.I chose the miso soup and shrimp traiyaki. The California rools, gyazo and white rice are all included. My friend had the sushi in the last picture.

The food was ok; not the best thing ever, but also not bad. The atmosphere was very...trendy. It's a great place to go for a cool lunch spot, or light (I stress the word "light" because anyone whose eaten any amount of Japanese food knows not to expect to get full) dinner with friends, but probably not the kind of place you would take your parents, what with parents being what they are and all.