Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Nerworking! Networking! Networking!

Being a natural introvert (INFJ all the way, and proud of it!), the idea of networking never appealed to me. I still don't even have a Facebook profile (although I did create a fake one for a day, but that was only to get a free in-game item in Pangya) or a Twitter account! If I need to connect with my friends, I just call them up, text them, or chat on Google. I also always had a feeling that it was all about making connections with people in high positions, which I always thought of as a very underhanded and unfair way to get a job! Now, however, I wish that I had started this when I first graduated!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Job Seach + Application Tips

Now that I have a job, I feel completely qualified to give out advice on job searching and job applications!  As am an only a year out of college myself, this guide is really meant for recent grads looking for entry level positions, but there is also a lot of valuable information that can be applied to any job search. I really wanted to make this because I know how hard the job search process can be, even with the help of your college's/university's career resources, and many of these things I learned the long and hard way through trial and error. I also can't stress the effect that the bad economy has had on the job market. I remember graduating and thinking, "I don't even really have to apply for anything because employers will come to me even in this economy because I just graduated from a top university!" Well, I received a rude awakening after 6 months and I still hadn't found a job! A lot of the people I've talked to in hiring positions say that most job openings get at least 200 applications in the first 2 weeks! Hopefully, though, this will help some of you out there!