Friday, November 25, 2011

The Tudors

For those of you who want a break from the SL pics, and want to see more G-rated posts again, here you are! These are from the new game by Doll Divine and Azaleas Dolls based on the show "The Tudors." This is still a work in progress, but they've been nice enough to put it up anyway, instead of making us wait forever for the full version. The first few pictures were made using the version without the accessories, while the last few with jewelry and fancy headdresses were made using the most recent version. Look for more of my creations soon.

This one is meant to be a Gothic Loli style Tudor dress.

This is a Japanese kimono inspired dress.

I was trying to make a traditional Moscovite dress with this one.

This is a wedding dress fit for a queen!

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