Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Black Mosaic Effects Tips

When I'm bored, there are usually 3 things that I do to fill my time: 1) Do weird things with my hair, 2) Do weird things with my nails, and 3) Lust after celebs/anime guys/male video game character. It's too hot for me to move around and do my hair, and after a point lusting gets a little boring, so I decided to do my nails! I actually haven't done my nails is almost a month since I started interviewing, and it's killing me!

Since my posts on Mosaic Effects are so popular, I thought I'd do another, but this time using the black top coat. I decided to try something different by using the black only on the tips of my nails, thus creating Mosaic tips! Unfortunately, I can't take all the credit for this marvel of nail ingenuity, because the actual tutorial was featured in one of the Avon magazines, but here is how it actually looks when you try it.

For this look, I used Nail Wear Pro "Cotton Candy" and the base coat, then painted the black top coat only on the tips. It actually came out pretty good, and the Mosaic effects hide the unevenness of the tips (for some reason I'm horrible when it comes to painting tips on evenly. 

All in all, it's a pretty cool look!

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  1. I am not the best at freehanding these things!


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