Saturday, September 1, 2012

Why Can't It Be Like The First Week?

This post has absolutely nothing to do with the Graham Colton Band, it's actually about my first week at work! It all just feels so surreal, like I'm still waiting to wake up and realize that this is all just a dream! Remember how I was always going on about how awful Career Services at my university was, well I can't say anything bad about them now since that's where I got hired! I'm actually working with the two graduate and postdoctoral advising teams, though, not the undergraduate advisors. As the assistant for the two graduate/postdoctoral teams, I not only manage their appointment calendars, I also manage and coordinate all of the events, and do some of the web development! Between the two teams, there are at least three workshops, panels, orientations, or career fairs (which have over 100 employers!) every week each semester, so you can imagine how busy things can get! Actually, it was the event planning that really made me apply for the position in the first place. From my other jobs, I know a lot of people really hate event planning, and get all stressed out and frustrated over it, but I think it's really fun and exciting! Besides, I work better under pressure!

I also like that everyone in the office is pretty chill, but still professional, and there is a good mix of age groups (obviously some older people, but also people in their 20s), and now I get to do real employee stuff like go to meetings (I actually have three each week to "throw ideas around", which is probably going to get tiresome after a point, but for now it's super exciting) and have my own desk!

This is actually a picture of my desk, and no, that isn't my stuff on it. The person who worked there before was nice enough to leave a lot of very detailed manuals and instructions on almost every procedure and situation you can think of, which is what all that paper is! But why is the desk so important that I had to take a picture of it? Well, when I was working my first part-time job last Fall, my supervisor (I really think she had some issues, but I'm not going to go into that) got mad at me for leaving a note with a phone message on one of the desks I was working at, and said, "Don't get comfortable in one spot because you really don't have a place here." I thought this was extremely rude and uncalled for, especially since she yelled all this in the office for everyone to hear how she was telling me off! Anyway, now that I have my own "spot", every time I leave something on my desk, it's my way of saying, "Right back at cha, now what!" to my old supervisor (I found out recently that she either quit, or was fired from that job anyway)! Well, enough gloating for one day; enjoy the long weekend everyone!


  1. fjdkslfjs CONGRATS on the job again~ ughhhh I hope I don't encounter anyone like your old supervisor when I start working o_o that would be horrible

    1. She was the only bad supervisor I've ever had, and I don't think she was a people person anyway! But most bosses are pretty nice, so don't worry!

  2. That was nice of that person who use to work there that left some stuff for you. Hope your having a good frist week of work! Congrats again :)

    Thanks for your comment :) Have a good weekend!


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