Friday, November 1, 2013

Where Have I Been? + Fall Tights

Those of you who are fairly active and regular in the blogging world may have seen my occasional comments on other people's blogs, but no no posts on my own. Well, I've been super preoccupied and busy lately, and the only time I can squeeze in is when I have downtime at work to check up on new posts from my blog list.

But, now that it's Fall (only my most favorite season ever!), I wanted to share my new tights. I love fall because it gives me some relief from my allergies (not much, though, since I have year-round allergies), and it gives me a chance to wear sweaters and layers, which can add creativity and diversity to any outfit.

I had to replenish my tights collection since most of my sheer tights all mysteriously developed holes in them since I wore them last winter.

My first stop for new tights was Forever 21 online. I have a love-hate relationship with Forever 21's clothes, but I never really looked at their tights, so I decided to give them a shot.

I bought these black ones to replace my old pair, and I bought these red ones just because I don't have any red tight to go with a red skirt I have. These are actually very thick and  and comfortable.

I bought these over the knee sock to wear with my boots to keep them from rubbing against by tights and fraying them. These socks are also very thick and comfortable.

These are knee-high socks, which I bought partly because they were so cute, and partly to also wear with my boots.
Overall, I have been very pleased with the Forever 21 tights and socks, and have been pleasantly surprised with the high quality of them!

Next, I went for my old favorites: Vera Wang tights from Kohl's.

These are herringbone tights by Vera Wang. On the picture online, they looked sheer, but when I got them, they weren't. I was a little disappointed, but they are still nice tights, so it's not so bad. They are also more of a greyish color because of the design, and not black like on the website.

I bought these cable-knit tights because I need some navy blue tights, and they look like your legs are wearing a sweater, which is cool ( at least to me anyway)!

These are Vera Wang over-the-knee socks in "Current". I like the color and the name, so I bought them!

Last on the Vera Wang list are these black legwarmers. I'm not really a huge legwarmer wearer, but I thought the buttons on these were a cute addition! I wouldn't wear them to work, but they would be a cute addition to a weekend outfit.

The two pairs of tights below are from Apt 9. I loved the Inca Gold and Emerald Green colors, so I had to have them!

Of course, all of the tights I bought from Kohl's were their usual high quality-ness (the tights and socks are the only good things about Kohl's, imo).

Lastly, I bought these sheer tights from JCPenny. I've been wanting to create a chic, cute look, and have been looking for these kinds of pin dot tights everywhere. They seem to be really "in" now, but for some reason, they are ridiculously hard to find, at least online anyway. I was so happy when I finally found these, and even happier when I got them! They are very soft and light, yet durable, and they look great! They're perfect for adding a bit of classy chic to any outfit!

The thing I really like about these is that the dots are randomly positioned, and not symmetrical, which to me doesn't look as cute.


  1. it's definitely tights season for sure! nice haul you did, I think you're ready for the cold weather :D

    1. Thanks! I do my best, but I'm never really ready for cold weather, esp. if it snows!

  2. omg those kitty socks are so cuuuutee :3

    恵美より ♥

    1. Thanks! These are, hands down, some of the cutest socks I've ever seen!

  3. All I can find is black, do you know where I can get other colors?I got these at walmart. :/ Love them they are warm,but black is the only color i can find.
    I do wear white long sleeve blouses with my jumpers, and was wanting white, do you think the black ones will be ok?Oh haha found you googling LOL...Nice to meet you. Following you now LOL

    1. I buy most of my tights online, where there is a greater variety than in stores. You should check out Forever 21, Macy's, Kohls, and JCPenny (you can follow the links in the post).

      Personally, I'm not a big fan of white tights, and like to wear black or sheer ones if I'm wearing a lot of white in an outfit, but I know that Forever 21 sells white tights if you want to buy some from there.

      Thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. Thanks, I will check the links out, yea my dh does not care for the white stockings I wear at times.

  5. Love how you replenished your tight's collection! It's a perfect balance of classic, textured and fun! Those kitty socks are soooo cute. I love tights myself. I want to get some textured ones. Love those herringbones.

    1. Thanks! Textured tights are the way to go if, especially f you want to add some fun an outfit without wearing colorful tights.

  6. You have such a fun collection of tights! I've been leery of the quality of the tights at F21 but after reading what you've said, I'm going to have to give them a try.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    1. I was surprised at the quality too. I thought I was taking a chance buying them, but it was worth it!

  7. OH! Guess what. Walmart had ALOT of different colors, I found some brown ones to go with my brown shoes. But they had ALOT, red,yellow,green..But since I only wear white black,and brown shoes (I am still looking for blue ones) I got brown :D

    1. I'm glad you got a chance to find some colorful tights! I usually wear black shoes too, but, depending on the outfit, I will wear them with other colors. It's fun to mix and match your tights with your shoes/outfit, so don't by shy to give it a try!!

  8. I love fall too, being able to wear layers and tights and such :D Those kitty socks are so cute!

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