Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Phone!!

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I've finally made it to the 21st century by buying a smart phone (I must be the last person under 30 to make the big switch)! I've been putting off upgrading from my keyboard LG phone because I really didn't have a need for a smartphone, especially since I'm not big on social media. But my mom was bent on having a Samsung phone with S Beam so we can tap and share, and since Virgin Mobile was having a sale on phone, I went on and bought two of the Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE's.

For me, the biggest technological advancement I've made was from dial-up to broadband. However, the smartphone upgrade hasn't been half as momentous, especially since a lot of what I do now (checking emails, taking pictures, texting, etc.) I could do on my old phone anyway. To me, my smartphone is more of a convenient luxury than a necessity. It's nice to be able to surf the web almost as easily as on my computer, to have my phone synced to my Google account, and to have the ability to use apps (especially my Google play music app which let me sync my iTunes library, so now I can play music on my phone instead of using my iPod Nano), though. The biggest two pluses for me are the ability to use phone covers, which weren't available for my LG phone, and the super-duper camera (my old phone had a pretty crappy camera that didn't even have a flash!)!

Now that I have a phone I can truly personalize, I bought this super cute "When In Paris" case from ThePhoneCovers.The case is hard, but kinda soft-ish feeling on the outside. It's pretty hard to get off once its on, so I doubt that I'll be doing a lot of switching-my-case-to-fit-my-mood. It also tends to get dirty and stained easily. I had to buy another cover because the first started to get stained from the cloth of my purse after about of month, but since the cases are only $10 with free shipping, it wasn't really a big deal.

Picture from ThePhoneCovers website


  1. Oh yay, I understand haha ^^ I'm not really into being super updated with technology, I just get whatever my dad gives me, the hand me downs ^^

    恵美より ♥

    1. Lol, my dad usually gets my tech hand me downs, but this new phone is quite handy!

  2. Congratulations on your new "tech toy"! That's awesome. You're going to enjoy it and I love your new Paris cover. It's really cute. Taking pictures will be awesome :D

    1. Thanks! I already have a bunch of really nice picture that I haven't had a chance to post yet. Can't wait til I do, though!!


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