Friday, May 23, 2014

Audrey Hepburn Redone


Model Muse

This photo shoot of Nadia was inspired by this Audrey Hepburn canvas that I bought for my mom last year. The dress and necklace are from the Matinee Today outfit from the 90s, and the gloves are from one of the Millicent Roberts accessory packs.

Hope everyone has a fab long weekend!!


  1. Awesome twist! So beautiful!

    1. Thanks! I'm a little backlogged right now as far as my doll pictures go. This is one I did last summer with my old phone, which had a horrible quality camera, so I had to all the black and white filters to it so you couldn't tell how grainy the picture was! Glad you liked it though!

  2. this is adorable! now i want an audrey barbie!!
    xx Corinne

    1. Aww thanks! Most of the actual Audrey Hepburn dolls cost at least $75, so I have to settle for creating my own!

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