Wednesday, August 6, 2014

August Update

Wow, I can't believe it's been a month since my last post! It's seems like the summer is always the time when I drop off from blogging for a bit, but that may be because I'm doing more outside of work and have less downtime. To be completely honest, though, it was very liberating and refreshing not to be on my blog for a month, or even read other people's blogs. Now don't get me wrong, I love y'all, I really do, but everyone need s a break, even from the things they enjoy.

I've been mostly busy with traveling out of town, and I've also started on that job search I mentioned a while back.

Part of my traveling included the first vacation I've been on in three years: Virgina Beach!

This was an exciting destination for me because, not only was I hanging out with some family that I hadn't seen since before I graduated, but this was also my first trip to the beach!

I was only there for three days, but I had a blast! It was great to get back below the Mason-Dixon line where the cities are clean, the people aren't complete slobs, and the food is actually good!

For the first day, we mostly hung-out at the Navy Lodge on the base where we were staying with my cousins. The second day, we went to the beach, and the third day, we did some shopping and then went out to lunch before our SEVEN HOUR train ride (thanks to my mom who refuses to fly on a plane).

We went shopping at the Navy Exchange on the base. I was surprised to find that there were a lot of designer brands like Coach and Michael Kohrs sold there. I guess I was expecting to see a whole store of fatigues and ammunition, or whatever they use in the navy (cannons or those white sailor suits).

Naturally, my Hello Kitty senses led me straight to a whole aisle devoted to Hello Kitty!  There were tons of stuff, even a Hello Kitty square ottoman. I ended up spending way more than I intended to, but I couldn't pass up the change of getting such a variety of good quality Hello Kitty items. See the Hello Kitty haul below:

A wristlet wallet. The color didn't come through too well on the picture, but this is actually bright red.
On the back, there is a Hello Kitty shaped zipper tab.
This wallet came with the purse below.

Throw blanket with Hello Kitty in a kimono
Front of mug
Back of mug
This makes my second Hello Kitty thermos. This one is metal.

The restaurant we went to for lunch was Neptune's Restaurant, and is located right on the boardwalk.

The boardwalk on Day 2
The restaurant get's its name from the 34ft bronze statue of Neptune that is located about a block away.

The restaurant served a good variety of food, without the menu seeming to be unfocused and containing every dish under the sun! I ordered the Chicken Supreme Sub, of course, I had to have sweet tea, with sugar included, something Northerners have never heard the likes of.

The outdoor patio dining area of the restaurant

Coming back home after this vacation was the hardest thing, but at least it has motivated me to continue my out of state job search!

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