Monday, November 17, 2014

Big News!

I'm not sure if any of you have noticed, but I haven't been around in the blogging world as much for the past couple of weeks. I've been super busy with a lot of major life changes. The biggest of which is *drum roll* I have a new job in Baltimore!!!

That's right, not only do I get to leave my current job, but I finally get to move out of Philadelphia after being stuck her for three years after graduation!

As many of you know, I have been having some issues with my current job for the past year (such as here, here, and here) so it is a huge relief for me to finally be getting out of it for good. With my new job there are no unreliable student workers, no contact with students, no programs or career fairs, very few phone calls, and no daily appointments to make.

It was very odd to me that my supervisors were genuinely surprised when I told them that I had found another job and gave them my two weeks' notice, especially considering all that had been going on this year. I still can't believe they thought I was going to stay in this job! Since April I had pretty much stopped pretending that I even cared about my work, and I was so sure they suspected that I was looking for something else. But apparently, they were oblivious to everything!

However, when I told the other people in my office, most of them said that they saw this coming and could tell that I was ready to leave. What a stark contrast!! Just goes to show you have in-tuned bosses are to the goings on of their subordinates.

The second big thing is that now I will finally get an apartment of my own! That's right at 25 years old, I will finally have my own apartment!! I'm super excited about this because now I get to create and decorate a space that is truly mine.

I won't be around the blogsphere as much after today since I'm moving this weekend and I'll be getting settle in at work and all, but I will keep some posts going thanks to Blogger's  post scheduling feature.


  1. That's big news alright! Congratulations on the new job and the move! Good luck with the relocation!

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