Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Outfit Post: Electric Blue

This is the outfit I wore yesterday. I'm so tired of wearing thick sweaters an dark clothes, that I decided to lighten up a little, albeit a little prematurely. Considering that it snowed last Thursday, the 40 degree weather we had on Monday totally justified this outfit, though!

The skirt is from the new petites collection from New York & Company. Finally, after countless years of existence, they have started making petite skirts. All you regular sized people out there have absolutely no idea how hard it is to find skirts that don't make you look like you're a five year old wearing your mother's skirts. Despite being on a pretty tight budget, I showed my appreciation by being three skirts. Thanks NY&Co for making today's outfit post possible!


  1. That shade of blue looks very pretty on you. Also that mustard looks fabulous on you. I use to shop NY & Co. I do a lot of online shopping now. I wonder if they have a website? Glad they have petite sizes now. I bet that does help.

    1. NY & Co have a great website! That's actually where I do all of my shopping because there isn't a store near me. They also have online exclusive apparel that isn't available in stores. Check out the site and sign up for their newsletter!

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