Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I know this has absolutely nothing to do with the usual theme of this blog, but I think I've come up with an idea for a manga plot using the Manga Creators from Rinmaru Games. Even though I not really all that into manga, or even anime for that matter, this plot I've come up with could give me the chance to do some creative writing. So far the main characters are Nicole, Ren, and Chad Devereaux. All of the characters are students at Highpoint Preparatory School, a very prestigious school, and very hard to get into. Nicole and Ren are there through scholarships, while Chad comes from a very wealthy family with an aristocratic background, so he had no problem getting into Highpoint. Nicole is based off of myself, and Ren is loosely based off of Reno from the Final Fantasy VII series of games. Chad, who you will meet in later in the story, is based off of my ideal type(I can't help it if I have a weakness for rich, preppy boys with blue eyes and dark hair.)

In the first volume of the manga, Nicole, a very intelligent, girl falls for Ren, who is the tough, bad-boy on campus (the way we women usually do). Nicole is definitely intrigued by him, and he's smart enough to get into Highpoint, but lazy and gets into trouble, so he quickly earns himself a not too good reputation. Flash forward a few pages later, and Ren finally asked Nicole to go out with him, which is the beginning of their relationship. This is about as far as I've gotten with the plot, but this is all thanks to the Manga Creator, so I encourage any interested to check it out and see what kinds of story you can come up with.

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