Wednesday, June 15, 2011


So I created this blog in order to indulge my interest in and longing to be a part of a by-gone era. A lot of my nostalgia for historical time periods is fueled by my majoring in European History when I was in college. I have always loved the 18th century French aristocracy style of clothing, along with the more structured styles of the Victorian era, although my main focus of study in college was 19th century Russian history.

Everything was so stylish in this period, at a time when the aristocratic flair was what made a person in society, especially women (that and how many lovers you had). I guess my real appeal for the past was the important role of clothing as a status symbol, whereas now it's so easy to get knock-offs of expensive brands, or even the real thing at consignment shops or online bargains. Well unless someone figures out how to build a time machine and I can instate myself into the aristocracy, I guess it's just champagne dreams and caviar wishes!

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