Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It was spring and there was new life and bright colors all around; bright greens, yellows, pinks, oranges. The flowers were creating a rainbow ballroom of there own in the garden, so why not have a ballroom full of pretty young girls with the fresh glow of spring on their cheeks. This is exactly what Lord Arlington thought of as he sent off the invitations to his ball. But this ball was not so much for his benefit, although some of the girls that frequented his balls were quite pretty, as for his young son...

As this ball was to take place in the highlands, it would be disastrous to wear anything too fancy, what with the muddy roads, the dirt paths, and simply the length of the journey to and from Lord Arlington's castle. She decided to dress simply for the journey, naturally, but also for the ball. She chose a dark green dress made of crushed velvet with gathers at the bottom which made an slight swish that followed the suggestive, sultry swing of her hips as she walked. The top of the dress was made of the same material, with the sleeves ending just above her elbow with gathers similar to the bottom of the dress, which rustled ever so slightly with the lightest movement of her soft, supple arms. The neckline, which was low enough to show a brief preview of her chest and cleavage without giving away the whole view and rested almost precariously on her shoulders, was trimmed with light green ruffles. To match this trim there was a small, silk rose attached to the front of her dress, and a silk belt with a gold buckle around her waist, both of the same color as the trim at her neckline. The last addition to her outfit was a small, dark green hat decorated with white feathers and green flowers, to which were attached several strings of pearls that created a lattice work on her thick, soft curls. On her neck she chose to wear a pearl necklace with an emerald attached, along with emerald, teardrop shaped earrings. Yes, she knew that the best way to impress was through simple elegance, not mere flamboyance.

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