Friday, July 8, 2011

Manga Vol. 2

This is Part 2 of the manga storyline I created. In this part, Chad begins to become quite friendly with Nicole after they are assigned as partners for a project in their literature class. Of course Nicole had always noticed what a cutey-pie Chad was, but now they both realize that they have a lot in common. On top of this, Nicole and Ren's somewhat tenuous relationship falls apart once she realizes that he has no intentions of having a real, lasting relationship with her, although he has asked her out to the school dance. As they get to know each other, Chad asks Nicole out to the dance, and now she is faced with two choices: go with Chad and forget all about Ren, or go with Ren in an effort to hold on to the bad boy fantasy and try to patch things up with him.

She decides to go with Chad only as a friend, not as a date. For most of the dance they go their separate ways and hang out with their own friends, leaving Nicole to think that she was just being lead on again. But towards the end of the night, Chad asks her to dance with him, signaling, for both of them, the beginning of their relationship as more than just friends.


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