Friday, July 27, 2012

Hello Kitty 2.4GHZ Wireless Mouse

In keeping with my Hello Kitty obsession, I recently bought a Hello Kitty wireless mouse that was on sale at Zulily. Although Zulily is primarily a discount site for parenthood and children stuff, they actually have a good bit of items that are generic and can be used for everyone. Of course, I already have a mouse, but this one had Hello Kitty on it, so naturally I had to buy it!

When it finally arrived three weeks after I ordered it (the downside to ordering from discount sites), I found it it had tons of specs and features (most of which are completely superfluous, but still cool!) that my old mouse didn't have!

The first thing is obviously Hello Kitty herself. My old mouse was a Microsoft wireless mouse that I bought because it was green; my favorite color. But I liked this Hello Kitty mouse because of the black and white Hello Kitty design, and the fact that there was not a lot of pink in it (despite the color theme of my blog, I actually hate a lot of pink). The white and black colors also fit my dark desk better.

My old mouse
Secondly, the USB receiver that goes into the computer is much smaller than on my old mouse. The Microsoft mouse was bought about four or five years ago, which was way before they started making the nano USB receivers. I like this nano one better because it is less conspicuous and tends to blend in with my computer. It also has a vertical docking area at the bottom of the mouse for easy storage. The Microsoft one is horizontal (obviously because of the size of the USB receiver), so it's not able to sit flat when the USB is in for storage.

Old mouse underside with receiver stored

New mouse underside

Lastly, this mouse comes with an On/Off switch and a CPI button. The On/Off switch is immensely convenient because now I don't have to take the receiver out of the computer every night after I turn it on to turn off the mouse, I can just use the On/Off switch!! The CPI (counts per inch) button is total unnecessary, in my opinion, and I don't see why anyone would use it. Basically, it makes you cursor mover faster or slower on the screen, but as I don't want to jet set around my computer scree, I doubt that I'll be using this feature.

I think this mouse is definitely the best thing since sliced bread, but there are a couple of really major drawbacks. For one thing, the mouse goes to "sleep." If you let the mouse sit idle for about a minute or so, it sleeps, so that you can't move the cursor again unless you click one of the mouse buttons to wake it up again. For me, this is highly annoying, especially since I most of the activities that I do on my computer don't require me to constantly move my mouse (as a matter of fact it has gone to sleep as I've been typing this post), and waking it up can lead to me accidentally clicking wrong links or closing programs. Another thing that I have noticed is that when my HP updates start, my mouse stops responding as well, but I have to take out the receiver and put it back in to get it going again, but this only happens during the HP updates. Also, this mouse requires 2 AAA batteries, whereas my old mouse only required 1 AA battery, but at least the new mouse's batteries go underneath, instead of me having to remove the top cover.

All in all, this mouse is great and super cute! If you ever see one like it, you should definitely buy it!!


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