Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Avon Extra Lasting Pressed Powder

I've been searching for the perfect pressed powder, so about a month ago I bought Avon Extra Lasting Pressed Powder to see how it worked. One of the biggest problems I've run into with pressed powder is finding one that matches my skin. I have brown skin with yellow undertones, and most foundations and powders for brown skin tones have red or pink mixed in, so when I put them on my face looks much redder than my neck. I end up having that weird look that some women have when they don't know what shade of make-up to wear; the color of their face looks obviously unnatural  and doesn't match properly with their necks. It is also hard for me to get the right tone of brown. I've found the most foundations and powders are either way too dark, or way to light; it's like they try to cover every shade of brown in only three or four shades of make-up, and if neither of these match, then you are simply out of luck. I'd buy fashion Fair make up, which is specially designed for different skin tones, but it's way to expensive. Instead I decided to try Avon Extra Lasting Pressed Powder for about $9.99.

Before, I was using Cover Girl Pressed Powder shade "Tawny". This one that reddish undertone that showed up on my skin, especially in bright lights and sunlight, in addition to be a couple of shades darker than my skin, but it was the closest match I could find at the time. It also made my face super greasy, especially my nose, which is already a problem for me when I'm not wearing make up, especially in hot weather. Sometimes after wearing the Cover Girl powder for even a couple of hours, it looked like I had put water on something on my nose, or that I had been sweating on my face (yes, my face would get that greasy)!

The shade of the Avon pressed powder that I bought was "Fawn". This is also the description of the product: Featherlight, even coverage for 18 hours. Resists water and sweat. Stands up to heat and humidity. Feels featherlight and flexible all day. Matte finish.

I was a little skeptical at first, because on the picture the powder looked a little lighter than my skin. However, when I tried it on, the first thing I noticed was how wonderfully it blended in with my skin! I actually wasn't sure if I had put enough of it on to show up at first! I wanted to try it out for an entire day, so I went through my normal make up routine of facial cleansing, putting on foundation (currently I'm using Black Radiance "Cafe Au Lait"), and then putting on powder. After an entire day of wearing the Extra Lasting Powder, I noticed 2 things:
  1. It was very light, and felt like my natural skin
  2. It didn't make my face, or nose, over greasy
The left side is without the powder, and the right side is with the powder
As far as it being "extra lasting", as it is advertised, I really can't say since it appeared to last as long as any other powder I've used, and I don't really do a lot with my face (honestly, what can you be doing with your face to make your powder wear off anyway =^-^=?)

Anyway, here are my conclusions:

  • Matches my skin tone perfectly (although this did cause me to put too much on my face at first because I wasn't sure if I had enough on since it was showing up)
  • Very light powder that doesn't feel thick or cakey on your face
  • Didn't make my skin greasier than usual
  • Lasted all day like every other powder I've used
  • The darker shades don't come with SPF protection (like darker skinned people don't need protection from the sun or something; skin is skin!!!)
I definitely recommend Avon Extra Lasting Pressed Powder because of its super light formula, and it comes in a pretty decent range of shades (10 shades I think, so don't quote me on this).


  1. oh great! makes a good difference :)


  2. I don't really use powder but I feel like we share a similar complexion.

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