Friday, June 29, 2012

Sakura Dreams

Ok, so I've been meaning to post this for the last 2 months, but this crazy thing called life kept making me push it back, until I forgot about it completely. Anyway, thanks to sweetheart fashion, I've been able to discover this great online discount clothing store called Sakura Dreams. Most of you have probably already heard of it ages ago, but since I'm usually late on things like this, it's news to me!

Sakura Dreams primarily carries Gyaru clothing brands. I had heard this term being thrown around in a lot of blogs, but I had no idea what it meant, so I decided to do some research on it. I went to to the all time best site for finding information on nearly everything under the sun: Wikipedia. Actually, Wikipedia disappointed me a little on this subject since there wasn't a lot of concrete information on it. It's basically a Japanese style of clothing and make-up that plays up girlishness (but then again so do most Japanese styles). There are different variations of the Gyaru style ranging from some that feature supper tanned skin and white make up, to a more hime/lolita like style. Sakura Dreams mainly sells this kind of sweet, romantic Gyaru style, and carry brands such as Liz Lisa. Also, according to Wikipedia, Forever 21 is a Gyaru store which I found quite surprising since I was I just on their website a week ago, and saw nothing that resembled any form of Gyaru style (but maybe it was just me). When I did a general Google search on Gyaru, the only styles that came up were the ones featuring the super tanned skin, which I'm assuming is the most popular, or at least the most well known variant (there is a better post about it here on Beauty is an opinion). Honestly, I don't care much for the more extreme Gyaru styles, simply because I think they look quite ridiculous and weird. However, having seen Liz Lisa clothes on A little bit of eki and Beauty is an opinion, I must admit that I've fallen in love with this cuter, feminine version of hime Gyaru! I must say that when it comes to cute and feminine clothing, Japanese brands completely out do American clothing styles 10:1!

The clothes on Sakura Dreams are super cute, but way out of my under-employed salary range, especially considering that the ship is close to $20! Still, I can continue to wish and imagine myself in these clothes as the perfect little princess that I am (don't hate), and keep searching for full time job, or find a super rich husband, whichever comes first!

Here are some of my favorite from Sakura Dreams' site. Most of them are from Liz Lisa, but the pearl collar shirt is from Emoda.

Pearl collar shirt from Emoda

I would literally kill for this jumpsuit skirt!! It's so cute!


  1. WOW! I think I need to check out Sakura dreams for some japanese clothing inspiration!

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