Friday, June 8, 2012

Bittersweet Goodbye

This picture has nothing to do with my post, but it's cute!!
Today is my last day at my job at the Lauder Institute. This is a very bittersweet parting for me, even though I knew it was coming. On the one hand, the job itself was actually quite boring, and I absolutely hated lifting those huge water jugs to refill the water cooler, not to mention that I'll be out of a job for who knows how long (can't imagine there is much of a need for temps in the summer at a university). On the other hand, I now have more time to thoroughly devote to my full-time job search, and wasting massive amounts of time writing my blog networking. Originally, this was a part-time temp job that was supposed to only last for two months, from the beginning of April to the end of May. However, I was asked to stay on another week, partly because they needed the extra help for an international education conference that's going on this weekend, and partly because they just liked me so much =^_^=

Although Friday was my last day, the office had a special farewell lunch for me on Thursday, since our managing director wasn't going to be in on Friday. The food was delivered from Gia Pronto, and everyone from the office ate with me in the conference room/lobby area. Despite being across the street from my former dorm, I've never eaten there before. We ordered pesto chicken, prosciutto and mozzarella, vegetarian, and turkey and ham paninis, which was all very good (I'm sure I ate way more than I should have!).

I've become very close to almost everyone at the office, and even though I've only been working there a little over two months, it feels like I've been there forever (heck, even the UPS and facilities guys knows me)! Not only has everyone been super friendly, they have also helped me with my full-time job search. When I graduated last year, I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do, but many of the people at my job introduced me to people and resources that I would never have found out about on my own, which have given me a better understanding of myself and my career goals. In fact, just working at the Lauder Institute, and in its international environment has made me want to use my language and culture skill to pursue a career that deals with some aspect of international "stuff" (not sure exactly what yet, but it's a start, and much better than where I was 3 months ago)!

The last part-time job I had didn't end too well, mainly because my supervisor didn't exactly take much of a liking to me (topped off by the fact that she obviously wasn't much of a people person anyway). Even there, though, I made invaluable friends and professional contacts. Despite this, the experience left me feeling like a complete failure, even though I wasn't at fault. Working in the Lauder Institute, though, has helped me regain my sense of self, and has even given me new confidence as my goals become clearer. I have to admit working at the Lauder Institute has definitely been one of the best work experiences I've had in my long 5 years of working and interning, rivaled only by my 4 year job at the IT office at the School of Nursing. I will certainly miss everyone at the Lauder Institute!


  1. Cute blog you have, following now. Please, follow back. :-)

    And if you are having extra leaving party...have fun and enjoy.

    1. Thanks, I'll check out your blog too!

  2. Endings are always hard but it will be good to have time to devote to your job search. Good luck!

    1. Yeah, tell m e about it. It's already been a very emotional parting!

      True, I will be more energized now for my job search!


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