Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Outfit Posts

Hey y'all. I don't have a ton of pictures of myself on my blog (actually, I think I only have the one from way back when), mostly because I don't photograph very well. But know that I finally have a decent full length mirror, I thought it would be nice to share some outfits so you can all see what I've been wearing (like you all really care, but w/e).

A word of caution: the full length mirror is in my bedroom, which is also where I keep my Barbie stash, so if you see the odd Barbie related paraphernalia, just ignore it. Ha ha, you have been warned!

I'm really not this fat in reality. I'm wearing a lot of white and I'm bloated, so I have a lot working against me here. I wore this outfit to showcase my first infinity scarf, which I bought from New York & Co. I know these have been big for years now, but I like to wait until the initial hype over fashion trends die down before I buy into them. The cardigan is a very old one I got from Macy's years ago.

 This is a wool coat my mom bought for me from Chadwick's (find the petite version here). I prefer my coats to be more fitted, but I get a lot of complements on this coat so I guess it must look ok. I have to admit, it does a great job of keeping me warm.


  1. Great to see you! I can see why you get so many compliments on that coat. That is fantastic color on you. And you don't look fat btw.

    1. Thanks! The coat is still growing on me. If it hadn't been a gift and keeps me warm, I would probably send it back. I always feel so huge in pictures, which is mainly why I never take any!

  2. I'm so glad you're doing outfit posts! You look great! You're NOT fat at all! Beautiful girl :) I love both outfits. Mama's always know best :) It's finally good to SEE you! Awesome post.

    1. Thanks! I guess it must look good since people are always going on about it, but you know how hard it is to listen to parents, even when they are right!

  3. You look perfectly normal and healthy with great sense of style ;) Xx

  4. ooh the red coat looks great on you!!

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