Thursday, April 19, 2012

Caught in a Bad Romance with the Paparazzi

I've never really been a big Lady Gaga fan because I found her to be way too gimmicky, and I only accidently heard "Poker Face" from playing a casual dance MMORPG. Although I did actually like this song (I even added it to my "Favorite" list on Grooveshark), my tolerence of Lady Gaga stopped there. I had actually heard the beggining of "Bad Romance" and the corus of "Paparazzi" several times, but both of these songs annoyed me to no end until I heard the entire songs. The only reason I to "Bad Romance" all the way through in the first place, was that I heard the beginning "Ra-ra-ah-ah-ah part in a restaraunt and got it stuck in my head for days. As everyone knows, the only way to get a sung unstuck is to listen to it, so I did, and decided to give Paparazzi another shot while I was at it. I know I'm like three years late, but these songs are fast becoming my favorites (can't remember if they've made it to my Grooveshark "Favorite" list yet)!
Je veux ton amour
Et je veux te venger
Je veux ton amour
Je ne veux pas ĂȘtre amis

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