Saturday, April 21, 2012

Languages: A Labor of Love

All of my well worn language books from college!
I'm so bad! I've already fallen off of practicing my Russian, and I've only been doing it for about three weeks. Now that I have my evenings free for the first time in nearly 18 years (no more homework!!!), I decided to start refreshing my language skills, especially my speaking skills. It's hard to keep up with your language skills when there is no one to talk to, so I've decided to refresh my Russian and Japanese using Pimsleur language software. This way I can practice speaking and listening on my own.

I started taking Russian in college due to my interest in Russian literature and history, and took two years of the language for my language requirement. Contrary to popular belief, Russian is not a hard language to learn, especially compared to Japanese! I can usually get the main idea of sentences and conversations on Russian movies without reading the subtitles.

My Japanese is practically non existent, since I only took it during my senior year, but the last time I watched Advent Children Complete about a month ago, I could actually catch a few phrases and particles! Japanese is such a nice sounding language, the culture is super cool, and I really want to go to Japan one day, but honestly, it's quite frustrating to learn (3 writing systems, and all that ridiculous kanji when the same thing can be written with hirogana!), but I persevere.

Oh well, that's all for now!

Пока! さようなら!

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