Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spring Wardrobe

I always have a love/hate relationship with Spring. On the one hand my allergies kick into high gear, which makes my asthma start, so that I can't breathe through my nose or my mouth! Also, Spring means that Summer, with its scorching heat, and humidity that makes your curls drop, is right around the corner. On the other hand, everything is so bright and alive, and there is a wonderful sense of renewal in the air. The weather also warms up, so you an wear things you couldn't have a few months back. Where I live right now, the highest it gets in Spring is usually 60-65 degrees F, maybe 75, but this only happened before rains. Being from the South, this is not exactly what I call "warm weather," but I manage.

Spring always allows me to dress cute. In winter, I always have to worry about staying warm, so at times I have to go for a more functional style. That being said, I never, ever compromise style for function, though. I try to keep a good stock of stylish, cute, versatile, thick sweaters and tops on hand.  

Now that I can wear thinner, less bulky clothes, I've decided to take some pictures of a couple of the outfits I've been wearing to work lately. I apologize for the bad quality of the pictures. I took these with my LG camera phone, which is actually the best quality camera that I have available. I couldn't take any full body shots, and I don't have a full mirror (I know, I know: How do I live?), so I'll have to take pictures of just the clothes, so you can get the general idea.

 I fell in love with this blazer right when I saw it. The thing I love about it is that it's versatile. The inside has a black and white striped fabric in it, so you can roll up the sleeves to show the fabric for a very chic, yet casual look. The top underneath it it a polka dot, sweetheart halter that I plant wear with it.

 These are whit sailor pants. They are loose all the way down and remind me of those loos pants women wore in the 20's. I planning on wearing these with the shirt and blazer above for a retro, preppy-ish summer look.
 I've had this sweater since I started high school, but had stopped wearing it because I though it would look a little out of style. However, when I saw Zhi Zhi's post with a similar styled jacket, I decided to start wearing it again. I wore this to work about a week ago and got compliments on it all day! Since it's still a little chilly and windy out, this sweater isn't too much for the early Spring weather.

 I wore this white skirt with the sweater above it. When I first saw this skirt, I just knew that I had to buy it. I've been wanting a white or cream colored skirt for a while now, and they are so hard to find that there was no way I could pass this one up. I especially like the lace details around the band, and on the split in the back.
 I needed a new basic button-down, so this one was perfect. The rush-back and sleeves add the perfect element of cuteness.
 These shoes are the best: they are comfortable, versatile, and very, very durable. I've had these for about two or three years now, and the have definitely held up! I usually only wear them when the weather is warm, and they go great with skirts.

 I just bought these shoes a couple of months ago. I bought them for winter, but they could also work well for other seasons. The thing that caught my eye when I first saw them was that they reminded me of a stylish version of military boots for some reason.

 I think these would have to be my all time favorite shoes ever!! My grandma bought me these when I was a junior in high school. I love them because they add a bit of vintage elegance to any outfit. When I want a more complete Gothic/Victorian look, I wear these shoes with my white, poet shirt with ruffled lace sleeves, and my floor-length, black, high-waist  corset skirt, which ties up in the front to look like a corset.

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