Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Karen Scott Shoes

I made the mistake of wearing new shoes to work a few days ago! That block and a half walk from the trolley station did my poor feet in, and those awful soft corns starting forming on the sides of my little toes :(. I had to do some emergency foot rescuing when I got to work by borrowing some band aids from the first aid kit to prevent further irritation. I usually break in my new shoes by wearing them the entire time I'm at home with thick, cotton socks on. I've found this to be the fastest way to break in shoes, since the socks add extra bulk and quickly stretch your shoes.

I bought these Karen Scott shoes at Macy's a couple of weekends ago. The original price was around $59, but they were on sale and had another 15% taken off at the register, so I only paid $25! I like them because they're very versatile; I bought them for work, but they are also good for a night out, or just a dressy casual look. I also liked them because they weren't platform pumps. Honestly, I have nothing against platform pumps ( I think they're really nice, but haven't bought any because my mom thinks they're slutty), but I honestly doubt that I would be able to walk almost two blocks on broken, uneven sidewalk in platform pumps to get to work. But these shoes are perfect height for me to walk around in!

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