Thursday, May 3, 2012

All Done Up!

mark. sparkly eye shadow
I don't know what it is, but Ive started wearing make-up again! My mom, being an ex-make-up artist, says I should start wearing make-up anyway, especially now that I'm 23 and working. The only problem is that whenever I do start to wear make-up, she always asks am I doing it impress someone (very annoying). I used to wear eye make-up on a regular basis way back in middle school, but by sophomore year in high school, my severe laziness set in, and I gave up on the morning routine involving putting  on make-up. I starting wearing foundation last summer after I graduated while I was interning because I hated showing up to work with greasy, oily skin, which is what happens to my skin when I'm out in hot weather. For the past week or so, I've started wearing eye shadow and some lipstick to go along with my freshly trimmed brows.

I prefer a more subtle look in my make-up, so I usually wear dark browns, purples, and this wonderful olive color that I got from Ulta about 10 years ago (still looks good!). I use the sparkly tan shades as highlights for my upper eye when I'm going out, or to somewhere fancy. I've been playing around with different methods and effects of applying my eye shadow, which has been tough since I'm not all that creative or skilled when it comes to color in general (my basically black and white wardrobe, with some solid colored pieces, can attest to this).

My next step is to get some powder and maybe blush. I'll have to seek guidance from my mom on this because I've never bought powder before and have absolutely no idea what shade I would wear. Also, the shades are different depending on the brand, and I don't trust myself to just eye-ball it.

Lancome eye shadow

Ulta Cashmere and Olive eye shadow


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    1. Hi Aida! Thanks for the comment, and I'll definitely check out your blog!

  2. The more subtle and natural the make up is on your face the better ^^ Yeah I got lazy last summer and couldn't be bothered with make up anymore but I've also recently got back the kick start of using some, especially eye shadow ^^

    Thanks for visiting my blog / post. And because Blogspot never notifies the answers to peoples questions I shall reply here. I rarely wear false nails maybe once every 2 years for Anime conventions!! I have unhealthy nails that are very thin and break easily which is why I don't paint my nails or use fake nails very often - I've never experienced any bad side effects with false nails, think it really depends on the nail glue you use and you should never try pull them off forcefully ~~ ♥

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    1. Thanks! I took a look at your blog and thought it was wonderful; you take really good pictures! Looks like you have another follower!

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