Friday, May 11, 2012


Haaa! If you though this post was going to be about the study of past and present cultures and societies, and that I had just spelled the word wrong, you shall be sorely disappointed. Instead, this is a post about another fashion magazine that has fallen into my hands.

Honestly, I hate reading magazines of any kind for one reason, and one reason only: there is no plot. I feel that if you're going to write something as long as a magazine, there should be a nice, thick juicy plot to hold your attention, but that's just me. When it comes to fashion magazines, I just like to look at the pictures and the photography. I love the surrealism and artistic beauty that is present in high fashion. Everything, the models, the make up, the hairstyles, the clothes, are fanciful and whimsical, but still realistic. It make you think, "If I could just tease my hair like that, wear that same lipstick and get that smokey dark eye shadow effect, I would look just like that and totally pull of that look!" But deep down inside you know it's not true and never will be, I have gotten a lot of my hairstyle ideas from fashion magazines, but I have to tone them down a bit to make them actually wearable.

This magazine, Anthropologie, was actually addressed to someone else at work, but since the person was a student and had graduated the year before, my supervisor said I could keep it if I wanted to. The clothes are actually pretty nice, but way, way out of my price range, seeing as I still have found a ridiculously rich husband yet. Apparently, there is also an Anthropologie store in Center City Philadelphia, but I avoid Center City like the plague, because, despite being home to many posh shops like Versace and Tiffany, its basically a 10 block radius of pot holed streets, uneven and broken sidewalk, tons of people who look homeless but actually aren't, and the constant smell of pee.

Anyway, back to the things at hand. Here are some of my favorite pics from the magazine:

The round sun glasses are so cute but way not worth price, imo.

I love this picture; it's so morose and melancholy, yet chic!

These last three pictures are my all-time favorites because of their chic, classy, vintage looks. I wish I had as much hair as the girl in the last picture (what can I say, I'm from the south)! You could create a lot of looks with it, but then again, it would be a pain to wash and comb.

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