Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tax Refund Fueled Shopping

I just spent my tax refund rather wantonly on clothes about a week or so ago, instead of using for something responsible, such as saving up to possible move out on my own. Part of my spending enthusiasm stems from the fact that this was my first tax refund, since this is the first time I had made enough money working to actually get a refund (my previous jobs had been as a student or through unpaid internships), even though it wasn't a large amount.

I went shopping planning on buying a pair of shoes and one dress, but nearly $200 later, I had accumulated some great additions to my wardrobe. First, I went to Call It Spring and immediately saw the kind of shoes I have been looking for for the last 6 months at least. I've been trying to find some blush/beige shows, but all the other ones I've found were $50 and up, and I have a problem spending more the $40 on shoes, even if I can easily afford it. These were perfect and were only $39.99. The strange thing about the shoes is that the pair that fit me perfectly were a size US 7, but all the other shoes I wear are a size US 8.

Next, I went to Body Central outlet store to see if they had a dress I saw on their online shop, because I couldn't tell how it was shaped in the picture, and I wanted to try it on. The Body Central outlet store really isn't may favorite. I mean, I absolutely love the Body Central online shop (that's actually where I get most of my tops), but the physical store has a completely different style of clothing, which isn't at all my style. Unfortunately, the dress wasn't there, but I did find this white lace long-sleeve bolero jacket.This is a close up of the material, because for some reason the full shot of the jacket was super blurry and didn't come out right.

The bulk of my clothes came from West Seal, though. I had always heard of Wet Seal, and had seen it in malls, but I had never been impressed with the clothes that were on display enough to actually go inside. I only went this time out of curiosity. If you've ever been to a Wet Seal store, you'll know what I mean when I say that they have a very...different. Overall, I can't see myself buying more clothes from there, although I did find a white lace tube top that I can wear to work under a blazer, two leopard print and lace tanks, and two sweaters that were on clearance for $3 each. 

The good thing about living above the Mason-Dixon line now is that you can wear sweaters in May!

The bulk of my money was spent on this super chic, yet vintage-inspired dress from Venus. The dress is usually $59, but I was able to order it during the one day Cinco de Mayo sale for $47.

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