Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Work it! Work it!

I just started back working out after a little. After trying on a new dress that I had order about a week ago, I realised that I needed to take up some "body image management." Of course, the dress fit perfectly, as does all my other clothes, but i couldn't help noticing the slight lumps of excess adipose tissue forming around my waist and on my stomach. After trying different mirrors at different angles, I came to the conclusion that these lumps were, in fact, there, and that ignoring them would only make the problem worse, so I decided to begin a work-out routine.

I haven't actually worked out in a good two or three years, until now. I kept telling myself that I would, or that I wasn't really out of shape, or some such other excuse. Exercising has never really appealed to me for two reasons: 1. I'm ridiculously lazy; and 2. I'm really, really bad about keeping up on routines of any kind. My goal now is to work out every weekday after work (very ambitious!). To help me achieve this goal, I'm mainly doing quick exercising routines like Pilates 20 minute work-out, and Calinetics 20 minute AM (mainly for working your muscles) and PM (mainly stretches) work-outs. I also have a few belly dancing work-out videos, but belly dancing is actually quite hard to do, and requires a good amount of dedication and commitment. I use these more for perfecting the art of seduction fun than anything else, anyway.

Pilates and Calinetics are great exercises for when you want fast results, but not bulky muscles, because they work on deep muscles, and help build muscle tone. If you do these work-out routines consistently for about a week or two, you should actually begin to feel, and possibly see, results. I like to switch them up in my routine, so that my body does not become too accustomed to one particular exercise too quickly. For example, I may do Pilates for a few days, and then do Calinetics for the next few days. I've also found that alternating between the two every other day works as well.


  1. Wish you a great week dear!

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    It would be great!
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  2. GLoved the video! these would be perfect for perfecting the art of seduction! i mean what...


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